What Happens During Grooming?

What Happens During Grooming?

Although some groomers will happily accommodate, it is best practice for the pet owner to leave during the time that the dog is being groomed.

However, the groomer may have a window through which you can see your dog going into the bath or being styled on the table.

The simple reason is that if your dog sees you during grooming, it becomes a distraction for the groomer. Your dog will be wagging its tail or behave disruptively trying to get back to you. It's best when the dog is in a situation under the control of the groomer and understands that this is his/her 'handler' during the time of the groom.

The groomer will take your dog through to the grooming area. Depending on your dog's breed and coat type, your dog may be led directly into the bath first. 

Some groomers will opt to put your dog onto a table and clip their nails first, clean the ears, check the anal glands (the external expressing of anal glands can be carried out by groomers who have been shown how to do this by a Vet - and they will typically do this in the bath before any shampooing starts). 

If your dog has a long or curly or woolly coat that needs clipping before the bath, the groomer may also do this before putting them in the bath. This saves time not having to shampoo and rinse the length of coat that will be coming off anyway.

Again, this depends on the groomer and the method they follow.

Typically groomers provide an initial shampoo and rinse and then a second shampoo and thorough rinse to ensure the coat is squeaky clean and free of any dirt and debris.

After the bath, the coat will be 'blasted'. This sounds ominous. But it's just a high-velocity dryer (like a hair-dryer) that dries the coat and skin efficiently and powerfully. The groomer will start brushing the coat during this time as well which helps to straighten or fluff up the coat before any clipping, scissoring, or styling takes place.

The blasting may take place while the dog is still in the bath or the dog will be moved onto a table. 

Once the coat is sufficiently dry, the groomer may start using a gentler hair-dryer which they will direct onto the dog's coat while at the same time brushing out and ensuring the coat is ready for clipping, scissoring and styling.

After the bath, blow-dry and brush, the dog is ready for styling. Depending of course on the coat type, the groomer will now take the clippers or scissors to your dog and complete the styling.