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July 30, 2020
Book a Salon Visit If you like your dog to look good, feel great, and flourish with healthy skin and coat, you should book a salon visit with a ... (more)
July 28, 2020
Your Dog will Feel a Certain Relief from Grooming Once you've happily collected your dog from the salon, it's worth keeping an eye on their behaviour. Your dog will fe... (more)
July 24, 2020
Although some groomers will happily accommodate, it is best practice for the pet owner to leave during the time that the dog is bei... (more)
July 23, 2020
Make Sure to Engage with the Groomer before Handing Your Dog Over When you arrive at the salon, your groomer will be expecting you (because you will have booked an appointment in advanc... (more)
June 11, 2020
Warts usually occur on the ageing skin of older dogs — as if the loss of hair and muscle strength weren’t enough for them to deal with! They can also be more of a problem in breeds that... (more)
June 11, 2020
Your pet's nails should be quite short and not be curling under the foot when standing upright. If they curl under, the dogs nails need to be clipped. The dogs nail contains a blood v... (more)
June 11, 2020
Most often, canine bad breath is caused by dental or gum disease, and certain dogs — particularly small ones — are especially prone to plaque and tartar. However, persistent bad breath ... (more)
June 11, 2020
Why should you groom your pet at home – weekly? It is a pet owner’s responsibility to maintain good skin and coat condition for their pet. This inclu... (more)
June 11, 2020
Although most skin problems are not emergencies, it is important to get an accurate diagnosis so the condition can be treated. See your veterinarian if your dog is scratching or licking e... (more)
June 11, 2020
Any smell or discharge coming from your dogs ears is not normal. Pull your dogs ears back and look regularly for anything abnormal. Smell could be bacterial, fungal or ear mites... (more)
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