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PET GROOMING BUSINESS - FREE FOREVER - open to ALL pet grooming businesses. You must be a bona fide business and your business credentials will be checked. Loads of features with your FREE busines profile including adding images / video / Facebook feed and more. Use your profile page to showcase your Achievements including years of experience, qualifications, awards, customer reviews and more!


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TRAINING CENTRE - available FREE to ALL pet grooming TRAINING CENTRES that provide one of the nationally-recognised Qualifications. For more about Qualifications, please click here.



PUPPY OR DOG TRAINER - a FREE listing for puppy and dog trainers. Groomers are often asked if they can recommend a trainer so this is a good opportunity for your business to be seen by pet owners. We all know that grooming requires excellent animal handling skills but it's safer for all of us when a puppy or dog is well-trained and socialised.



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