Our Mission


MyPetGroomer is to change how online directories work by directly supporting pet groomers with FREE FOREVER profile pages.


The directory does not need to make or take money from pet groomers - many of whom are not in this vocation for 'the money'. They're here because of their love of, and dedication to, cats and dogs. Pet groomers require loads of training and education, patience, animal handling, talent, skills. And grooming is bloody hard work. So we're not asking groomers for a single penny. Ever.


If you're a Pet Owner - please support your groomer with a positive review on their profile page. And share the link to their profile page on your social media as a groomer you recommend.


If you're a Pet Groomer - please use your profile page to show off your talent, skills and personality. Add images, videos, integrate your Facebook feed - and invite your customers to show their appreciation with a Review.



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MyPetGroomer.co.uk launched in the Spring of 2016. We now have more than 2000 UK business listings on the site and growing daily. So the website is constantly evolving and updating and we'll be sharing lots of exciting news and information to help you do the very best for your pet. Sign up to our Newsletter on the homepage to stay in the loop!