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MyPetGroomer is the most comprehensive online directory of professional pet grooming businesses. We launched in April 2016 when we also created The British Isles Grooming Association (BIGA). BIGA is an independent, not-for-profit trade association for professional pet grooomers that is also an associate member of The Canine and Feline Sector Group (CFSG). The CFSG advises the UK government directly about legislation affecting animal welfare and animal care professionals.

For Pet Welfare, Not For Profit

At BIGA, we are committed to customer education and awareness about the benefits of regular grooming to your dog's health and well-being. Our goal is to encourage partnership between pet groomer and pet owner to ensure the highest standards in animal care and welfare. We are Volunteer-run (except Sarah who is our paid Administrator for a few hours per week), completely independent (ie not in the pockets of any corporations), and 100 per cent Not For Profit. Our association belongs to its members. It doesn't belong to any individuals. Our bottom line isn't about money. Instead, it's about the highest standards of animal care and welfare everywhere and always.

BIGA Together

We're also a community support network for professional pet groomers, many of whom work for themselves in what can be a lonely and isolating vocation. We're 'BIGA Together' and encourage all pet groomers to consider joining our trade association and being a part of the community support network. We have an interactive Facebook group, various member benefits, plus we have The BIGA Show every year - which is a must-attend event that encourages learning and making new friends. For more information, please visit 




For Pet Welfare, Not For Profit

Trade association providing critical free service to pet owners

The British Isles Grooming Association BIGA) is a not-for-profit trade assocation and community support network created by groomers, for groomers. Alongside supporting its members, BIGA aims to raise awareness about the benefits of regular grooming for our pets.

We encourage pet owners to use and visit to find a professional groomer who has signed up to our Core Values and Code of Conduct.

We encourage professional grooming businesses to sign up to our Core Values and help us ensure that pet professionals across the UK set and maintain the highest standards in the world with respect to animal care, handling and welfare.

If you would like to join BIGA, please visit our membership website at