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MyPetGroomer is the most comprehensive online directory of professional pet grooming businesses. Launched in April 2016, the directory lists almost 1000 professional pet grooming businesses.

If you are a groomer and you are a member of the British Isles Grooming Association (BIGA), you are entitled to a FREE Enhanced business listing. For those who don't know, BIGA is an independent, not-for-profit trade association for professional pet grooomers that is also an associate member of The Canine and Feline Sector Group (CFSG). The CFSG advises the UK government directly about legislation affecting animal welfare and animal care professionals.



At MyPetGroomer, our number one priority is the health, safety and welfare of your dog during grooming. You need to be reassured that you are putting your much-loved family member into the care and control of a professional. We therefore encourage all our businesses to build up their profile pages to show off their experience, training, qualifications, awards and credentials.


Dispute with your groomer

If a dispute ever arises between you and your pet groomer, we recommend you contact a trade association like the British Isles Grooming Association who may be able to help mediate (if the groomer is a member of a trade association). Unfortunately, we are not able to get involved directly in any disputes. Generally, our view is that the health, safety and welfare of the dog is paramount. If you are upset by the cosmetic outcome of your dog's haircut, we recommend you take that up with your groomer directly.


Accident or Injury during grooming

In the event of an accident or injury to your dog during grooming, your groomer will be insured (you can double-check your groomer's profile page on and, as a professional, will take the necessary steps to ensure your dog's wellbeing. This is a hugely emotive issue and you will be upset - but please remember, the groomer will not intentionally set out to injure your dog. First, it's not good for business. Second, please keep in mind that dog groomers are animal lovers. They are not 'bankers' trying to 'fleece' you (or your dog), for money. This is their vocation. It's hard work and very rewarding, but you can be sure it's not simply about money (yes, they can earn a good living but there are much easier ways of 'making money'). So, it's an accident. And the groomer is very likely equally upset, if not moreso.

Additionally, there are many instances of dogs developing clipper irritation AFTER grooming. Make sure to keep an eye on your dog and if they start to lick, nibble, scratch, then you need to check (stop) their behaviour and/or maybe even make your dog wear an e-collar (the cone shape) to prevent further licking or nibbling. Clipper irritation is not uncommon and it is a complication of being clipped. Imagine, if you're a man, and you go to the barber for a shave and then develop a rash. It's not the barber's fault. It's your skin. Dogs likewise have skin complications. Please keep this in mind anytime you take your dog for grooming - just keep an eye out that they don't have clipper irritation.