Showing Up For Your First Appointment. What Happens Now?

Showing Up For Your First Appointment. What Happens Now?

Make Sure to Engage with the Groomer before Handing Your Dog Over

When you arrive at the salon, your groomer will be expecting you (because you will have booked an appointment in advance).

There may be a dedicated reception or holding area. The groomer may be busy 'at the back' but will be with you momentarily.

You can expect that the groomer will address you by your name and establish contact with you directly before even looking at your dog.

This is to help reassure your dog that you and the groomer have a rapport and that your dog is entering a safe environment.

Your dog picks up the cues from you if this is a friendly or hostile environment so please be sure to engage the groomer before handing your dog over to the 'Pre-Grooming Consultation'.

The Groomer will Check Your Dog's Fitness for Grooming

Once this rapport is established, the groomer will carry out the consultation. You may be asked to keep hold of the lead while the groomer does this.

The consultation is an overall check for the dog's fitness for grooming. That is, the groomer wants to make sure there aren't any serious health issues before taking the dog into the salon area.

The groomer will look at the dog's eyes to check for alertness. He or she will look into its ears to check they are free of infection (they may also sniff the ears because a pungent odour indicates infection).

The groomer will move their hands over the dog's body thoroughly to inspect for lumps or bumps that may need attention and assess the general overall condition of the coat.

The Groomer will then Ask Your Expectation

The groomer will then ask what you are hoping to achieve with the dog's styling. This could be to breed standard or you may be hoping for something like a Teddy Bear cut or Asian Fusion groom depending of course on what is possible with your dog's breed (a Teddy Bear cut is common among cockapoos for example).

That's generally what to expect from a standard Pre-Grooming Consultation but each groomer will have their own way of working. It'd be great if you can supply a picture of what you are hoping for.

Based on the consultation the groomer should manage your expectations about what is achievable given the condition of the coat and generally how much time is required.

The groomer may also suggest an approximate price but often the price cannot be firmly established until after the grooming is completed (pricing is typically based on time, effort and expertise required to complete the grooming. So if your dog was difficult to groom and it took more time, this may be reflected in the final price).


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