How to Choose Your Dog's Groomer?

How to Choose Your Dog's Groomer?

Ask Other Dog Owners

The best way to find a groomer is simply to take your dog to a local park and bump into other dog owners. Ask them where they go and if they are happy to recommend their groomer.

Look for Dog Groomers' Online Presence

Then, of course, we suggest you look up their profile page on MyPetGroomer and look at any customer reviews. Check also for images or videos they may have posted. Some businesses will integrate their Facebook feed into their profile page - so this could also be worth a visit.

Look for Dog Groomers' Qualifications

Experience and professional qualification as well as membership of a pet trade association (eg. The British Isles Grooming Association or The Pet Industry Federation) will also give you clues about the groomer's professionalism.

Look for Dog Groomers' Accomplishments

Many groomers also like to compete and may display trophies and certificates of their accomplishments - so if you are particular about your dog's styling this may be an important consideration for you.

Trust Your Own Gut

Another key consideration is your own gut.
Once you have had a chance to speak to a groomer, how do they make you feel?
Are you reassured by their professionalism?
Do they have a good 'bedside' manner?
Are they happy to listen to your concerns or requests and provide you an intelligent, well-informed answer?

A good relationship built on trust and honesty is critical to partnering with your groomer in the long-term health and welfare considerations of your much-loved dog.

This is where the term 'holistic' comes in. Grooming is not simply about 'styling' your dog. It is one part of an overall commitment to your dog's health and happiness.

A professional dog groomer is a great source of knowledge and can often provide excellent advice about your dog's welfare when it comes to skin issues, nutritional requirements, exercise, treats, toys, training, and more.

Most pet owners, our research shows, identify their top priorities as the health, safety, and welfare of their dog during grooming. They want their dog to leave the salon looking good and feeling great. They don't necessarily need their dog to be ready for the show at Crufts or Westminster