After Grooming

After Grooming

Your Dog will Feel a Certain Relief from Grooming

Once you've happily collected your dog from the salon, it's worth keeping an eye on their behaviour.

Your dog will feel a certain relief from grooming - just as we all do after a haircut or style. But this relief is felt all over their body.

Your Dog may Feel some Irritation

And in some places, it may tickle a little bit or even irritate. So the dog will do what it does naturally. It will start to lick or scratch, maybe even nibble a little bit where there is a tickle or some irritation.

This behaviour needs to be checked (stopped) to prevent it from getting worse. For example, let's say your Bichon Frise had a little bit of matting in its coat and the groomer had to clip the matts out instead of brushing.

The skin might have become irritated because of the knots - and the clipping has now exposed that patch of skin to your dog's licking and fussing over. Or perhaps the clipping caused a bit of 'clipper irritation'.

Watch Your Dog if Irritation Persists

Anyone who shaves will appreciate that sometimes after shaving the skin can feel a bit dry, warm, scratchy or sensitive. So we apply a balm or moisturiser and this tends to soothe things. And we leave it alone.

But dogs don't have this privilege. And often a balm hasn't been applied. The dog feels a bit irritated and starts scratching. The irritation or itch continues. The scratching continues. And, before you know it, the dog's nibbling and scratching break the skin.

This is not anybody's fault - and it's certainly not the groomer's fault because they have no control over your dog's behaviour after you leave the salon. If the situation is left unchecked, the broken skin can get infected and you'll need to see the Vet for treatment.

Apply All-Natural Soothing Serum as Necessary 

At MyPetGroomer we have seen a number of cases like this and recommend to all groomers that they treat dogs with sensitive skin or, where there has been shaving (and maybe the skin looks a little red or irritated), that they apply Dogzilian Soothing Serum.

This is an all-natural British-made anti-inflammatory that soothes and cools the skin. Applied at the end of a grooming treatment it works as a 'preventative' to stop the dog from licking, nibbling and scratching. The dog can then leave the salon feeling cool and refreshed instead of itchy or irritated.

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