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Find my pet groomer

Find a professional pet groomer near you. BIGA groomers have signed up to our code of conduct and are committed to ongoing training and qualification. Your pet’s health, welfare and safety is our number one priority.

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your pet’s style

Consult our image boards on Pinterest to find the correct groom/style for your pet

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Pet owner advice

Helpful and friendly advice to help you keep your pet’s coat in optimum condition.

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who are we was created in 2016 by BIGA – the British Isles Grooming Association. Our mission is to support pet owners and pet grooming professionals achieve and ensure the highest standards in pet care, health, safety and wellbeing.

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Members of BIGA (the British Isles Grooming Association, a not-for-profit organisation) have signed up to our professional code of conduct. This means that your pet's health, welfare and safety are their number one priority. For you, the pet owner, this means that your much-loved cat or dog is in the hands of a professional. Pet groomers commit to years of training and education - it's not just about a bath, brush, tidy-up. So much knowledge about safe animal handling, shampooing, treatments, correct drying techniques plus all the styling, scissoring and clipping to breed standards goes into 'correct' grooming. When you take your pet to a salon, look for the BIGA logo.

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